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What is Probate?

Probate is a commonly used word that means the procedure for administering the Estate of a deceased person. This involves the valuation of assets and liabilities, approval by the Courts that everything is in order followed by collection of the assets and settlement of liabilities, finalising any tax matters then distributing the remainder of the Estate according to the terms of the deceased’s Will (or intestacy if there is no Will).

This is often an over-simplification of what can be a lengthy and burdensome task, to be dealt with at the worst possible time for the bereaved. If you are the Executor you are personally liable to the beneficiaries to ensure the Estate is administered correctly, to creditors for ensuring liabilities are settled as well as to HMRC for making sure all tax matters are completed.


Do I need to get Probate?

Where a spouse or civil partner dies and everything is held jointly with their spouse/civil partner, or where there is an Estate of under £5,000, a Grant of Probate is not always needed. However, in most cases it is needed and legal advice should always be sought first to check the position.

Often, even seemingly straightforward scenarios may benefit from professional advice in connection with onward planning for Inheritance Tax reasons and post death planning.


What options do I have?

If the matter is straightforward, you may just want assistance with the forms and application for the Grant of Probate and prefer to deal with most of the paperwork yourself.

Or, you may want to deal with matters up to the point of obtaining the Grant and thereafter let us take the matter over.

Or, you may prefer to let us take the whole burden from you and deal with everything from start to finish, and to advise on any ongoing matters regarding tax issues and estate planning.

We are also able to deal with the Conveyancing in relation to the sale of any property involved in an Estate.

Our friendly Probate team will be happy to discuss all the options with you.


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