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What Plans Have You Made?

We’ve just had the annual Budget Statement where the Chancellor has delivered his plans for the economy for the coming year – whether we like it or not!

We all make plans on a regular basis – be it a restaurant reservation for a meal out, theatre tickets or booking a holiday – all nice things to look forward to.    But what plans have you made for the things you don’t want to contemplate – like making your Will to protect your family and loved ones on your demise – or making Lasting Powers of Attorney to appoint the people you love and trust to deal with your money and property and/or your health and welfare issues should you become ill in your lifetime?

Such plans are less pleasant because no one looks forward to being ill or dying whereas a meal out or a holiday is much more exciting.   However, these plans are very necessary to think about.   Surprisingly, many people just don’t get round to dealing with these matters, even though they know they should, and that may be understandable, although not very sensible.

Without an up to date Will in place, you could be depriving your loved ones of their inheritance, or the chance to make gifts to friends or charities, apart from your money and property not going to the people of your choice.  Life is more complicated these days and often there are many aspects to consider which the process of making a Will highlights – such as Inheritance Tax and Long Term Care Planning matters.  As more Wills are being contested in recent times you also need to receive the best advice possible to ensure your estate is dealt with according to your wishes.

Your Will only comes into effect on death, but Lasting Powers of Attorney are lifetime documents, which cease to be valid on your death.   They are documents whereby you can appoint the people you love and trust to deal with your affairs – either property and financial or health and welfare – or both – if you should become unable to deal with such matters yourself.   These documents are a form of ‘insurance’ so that if something unpleasant happens – like an illness or an accident – rendering you unable to deal with matters yourself, then your Attorneys can step in.   They are becoming increasingly popular – some 10,000 documents a week are being registered with the Courts – and if you haven’t put them in place, you really should consider it.

At Parchment Solicitors, our experienced team specialise in dealing with Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate and all related matters and we will make the process more palatable for you by explaining everything in plain English, advising you and getting the job done efficiently and without delay – and all for a sensible fixed fee.

So, why not make your next plan to call us and book and appointment so that we can help you achieve peace of mind when the job is done.

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April 2016

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