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CHRISTMAS………….statistically speaking

Christmas is almost here!  The year seems to have flown by – except for the Referendum and the American election, both of which seemed to go on for ever!  But here it is again, that magical time of the year, with pushing and shoving in crowded shops, arguments about how much to spend on presents, over-indulging on food and drink and dozing in front of the TV half-watching repeats of programmes already repeated many times before.  Truly magical.

Everybody knows the story of the Nativity, even though it now takes second place to commercial Christmas – depicted by television adverts for large department stores.   But we don’t really know as much about the commercial side of the festive season as we do about the biblical side, so thanks to the hard work of our dedicated investigating team (actually Google and its contributors) here are some facts about Christmas that you may not know:

  • 45% of all greetings cards sent annually are Christmas related.
  • 822 is the number of houses Santa will need to visit every second if he is to make all his deliveries on Christmas Eve.
  • £18,000,000,000 will be withdrawn from UK cash machines over Christmas.
  • 10 million is the number of turkeys cooked (including over and under cooked!) in the UK at Christmas
  • 221 feet is the height of the tallest ever Christmas tree – displayed at a Seattle shopping centre.  The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree is just 65 feet.
  • 110,000 tons of potatoes will be eaten over Christmas.
  • 6 million rolls of sellotape will be sold in the UK in the run up to Christmas.
  • 957 is the typical number of calories in the average Christmas dinner.
  • 364 is the total number of gifts listed in The 12 Days of Christmas.
  • 300 million is the number of mince pies eaten over Christmas.
  • £48 million is the amount spent on Christmas puddings in the UK.
  • 62,824 is the record number of Christmas cards sent by a single person in a year.
  • 60 million is the number of Christmas trees grown each year in Europe.
  • 3 Christmas trees are planted to replace each one that is harvested.
  • 3:1 is the ratio by which natural Christmas trees outsell artificial ones.
  • 9,700 tons of Brussel sprouts are eaten over Christmas.  (Possibly a similar quantity gets thrown away!)

And lastly…….

  • 100% is the number of our readers and clients (past, present and future) who we hope will have a great Christmas and a Healthy, Happy and Successful New Year.


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