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Bad things only happen to other people ....... or do they?

One of the most important documents for anyone to have and keep up to date is a Will.  Statistics say that 60% of the population have still not ‘got round to’ making a Will and of the 40% that have, a large percentage have made their Wills many years ago and they do not take account of recent legislation or changing values, eg property price increases.   Changing family circumstances can also very often mean  it would be wise to review and update a Will, but most people don’t think to do it.

 Statistics show that the increased survival rate from illnesses and generally healthy improvements in our  lifestyles mean  that in the main people are living longer and are therefore more likely to need a Lasting  Power of Attorney put in place, sooner rather than later, in case of mental or physical incapacity at some  point in their lives.  This is a document which can save a great deal of hassle and expense for the family  of a loved one who loses capacity through illness or suddenly through an accident.

No one likes to think about their own demise, or that of anyone close to them, or that they or members of their family may become incapacitated through illness or accident – it’s not a topic people want to dwell  on – but it is a fact that everyone at some point in time will go through a bereavement, many will suffer  and have the need for a Lasting Power of Attorney and eventually…………well, no one lives forever.

These matters should not be ignored, or treated as fatalistic – no one ever died from making a Will!  No one ever lost mental capacity from making a Lasting Power of Attorney!  Instead these documents should be treated as a logical and sensible part of everyday planning.

 *     You insure your house, your car, even your life, but have you made provision for your loved ones to benefit from such insurance?

*       Have you looked at how Inheritance Tax might affect those you leave behind?

*       Have you considered what might happen to your children’s inheritance if you ended up in a Care Home?

*        Is your family situation complicated in any way that might affect who inherits what?

*        Have you recently been bereaved and are not sure what to do about the Estate of the person who has died?

The friendly expert team at Parchment can help you with all these matters and are happy to see you for an initial half hour meeting at our office, without charge, either to review your existing documents, or advise on what documents you might need.  We believe there is no substitute for face to face advice and guidance from a professional and we look forward to your call.

Our team at Parchment Solicitors specialise in all matters relating to Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate and Inheritance Tax planning – as well as Conveyancing – so contact us first for advice.

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 June 2016

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